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I have spent much time since the beginning of July trying to get through the process of getting a rebate from Verizon, you know, the company that sells communication supplies and services. Mostly they sell supplies for which they offer very little service. And the service is sketchy at best.
I guess I sound miffed. Ummm, yep, I am.
First, I called Verizon about my slow wifi service. We live in the country and don't get great reception. I've limped along with the box (modem)  I had for a couple of years.
When I called the first time, the tech told me I needed a new box and an upgrade and to agree to a new two year contract. Okay. Yep I was in. For just $30 she would ship a new box that would provide me with faster service.
I got the upgraded box in two days and was singing the praises of Mr. Verizon. Yay. I was going to be up and going and could google everything and anything I wanted. I could shop, ebay, go to Snopes to my heart's content, facebook, twitter, pinterest, you name it I was gonna be able to do it ALL. Not!
The new jetpack wouldn't let me get online - when it did - it knocked me off instantly.
I called Verizon and the tech said, "Why, guess what? --- you have the wrong jetpack. I checked the service in your area, and it's very slow. It's goes from a 2 to a 3 then to 4 and back to 3. Whatever that meant. The jetpack, I had, had to have a higher number signal.
I needed to return the jetpack to the closest Verizon store and to ask for a specific jetpack, which I was given the stock number for. My LONG journey through the maze called verizon "the communication company" began. The communications part slays me. Like I said, the supplies are great. it's the service that is lacking.
I went to the store, stood in line, and was finally called to the holy shrine, otherwise known as the computer/desk where they plugged in my info. Yep, wrong jetpack! After several trips back to the stock room, the salesman came out with the wonderful new jetpack which was going to put an end to my misery. If only!
I had also brought in the new jetpack that didn't work in my area and that I'd had for two days. I had to pay a $35 restocking fee for an item that cost me $30. (I'm sure Verizon would say it cost them hundreds of dollars!) Still haven't figured that one out. Restocking free indeed, for sending me the wrong item in the first place. Anyway, the new jetpack ended up costing $99.99 + restocking fee of $35. Total cost to me $143.04. Oh, but the salesman said you'll get a $50.00 rebate when you send in your receipt. Oh goody, I said and headed home with my new jetpack and receipt, sure that the quality of my life would improve by 100%.
NOT. The jetpack worked well. I was never pushed offline and the service was faster. 
Then I started the rebate process. I had only a store receipt which did not contain any info about a rebate. I called the store. Oh, an oversight on the salesman's part. If I wanted to trek back the 20 miles they'd give me what I needed or I could "simply" go into my verizon account and in my documents and receipts file print off the necessary paperwork and get the rebate form online. According to the rebate form, I needed a copy of my customer agreement with Verizon and a receipt titled "the Verizon wireless small business receipt. Along with the store receipt. WHICH should all be in my documents and receipts folder. None of which were in the folder.
I managed to get online and get the rebate form. I sent that in with my receipt and a similar receipt form from my documents folder.
Nope they said. Not the right documents. I was told that in an email, also telling me to go back online and into the documents folder where I'd find the necessary paperwork. WHICH GUESS WHAT??? IS STILL not there!!!
So I'm waiting on an email reply - in the meantime I made approx one dozen phone calls to Verizon where one rep said he had made a complaint in my name expressing all the trouble I'd had trying to get a simple rebate. DO I love Verizon. Nope. Their personal communications with the customer is a HOOT. And that's all I have to say about that.
Barbara A. Whittington


  1. Ugh. I got a headache just thinking about dealing with all that. Restocking fee my aunt's fanny. Argh. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. I'm sending positive thoughts that your rebate eventually comes. :hugs:

  2. And the problem country living anyway is that we're severely limited to services. WOW is all I have to say about your experience. I'm not surprised though.

  3. Here on Aug. 4th I'm still talking to Verizon on the phone. I learned if you want to talk to an actual person instead of making one of the 100 options, none an option that you need, you hit 0 zero four or five or six times and you get an actual person. It's worked twice for me now!

  4. I hate Verizon. I had a problem with them years ago and I'm still mad about it. I can't believe they made you pay for their mistake...restock fee...what a bunch of crap! Word of mouth can really be the only way to let folks know how crooked they are. Sorry you have to go through all this. I live in a small town but we have good cable access and good internet...just don't like paying that monthly fee! I'm thinking of "cutting the cord" and going without cable..just if I can get hubby to go along with it I'll be surprised! ha! Hang in there, and I hope you can get the rebate. Sounds like they try to make it so hard no one will even try to get the money owed them!

    1. I think you're right Yaya. Frustrating. I decided I didn't care how much work it was, I was going to pursue that $50. Might not be much to them but to me right now it is.
      If there was another company around here that offered the same services and products I wouldn't blink twice about changing but there isn't. They have people where they want them. Like I said, I love their products I just don't like dealing with the service people. Thanks for commenting. Hugs, B

  5. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this falderal, Barb. I hate mega corporations who think they can get away with crap like that. I hope you get it all straightened out. Perhaps you should write a letter to the CEO of the company just for giggles. It may never get to him, but your frustrations will be aired and someone will have to read it.

  6. I saw a comment from you on Anne's blog, and decided to stop by to see how you're doing. Sounds like you'd be doing a lot better if Verizon understood the concept of customer service.

    Anyhow, I was thinking of you... and sending positive thoughts your way.

  7. Pay a restocking fee - you've got to be kidding. It was their mistake. I would call the main office and talk to the higher ups. Charley recently called the headquarters of Home Depot about a complaint he had. The guy said he was going to personally talk to their CEO and things were going to be changed - they had had other complaints, too. Now, whether he did what he said he was going to do or not - who knows. Good luck, Barbara.

  8. The funny thing is nobody cares. I talked to so many people and got the same run around. A letter might do more good. BUT they read my blog and after I emailed the same receipt I'd given them in the beginning I got a note back and it said they were reconsidering. I'll know in 15 days. Jeez. Yes, big corporations, the insanity. Thanks to all who commented.

    1. Finally, got an email that in fifteen days I should have my rebate. Will be interesting to see it they come thru. Just tired of companies that are not straight forward and honest from the beginning.
      Had a big rebate coming from Menard's and they sent it in the form of a coupon to use in their store. ALL their rebates are for coupons for their store. Lesson learned.

  9. OMG they sound worse than our cable company (Comcast). I avoid even calling their customer service line because it's usually a nightmare. They should NOT have charged you a restocking fee. Do you Twitter? If you do, you might try posting a link to this blog over there and including @VerizonWireless. Companies tend to freak out when people do that. Although with a company as big as Verizon, I think not...

  10. Yikes! What a mess. We've been with Verizon for years and never had an experience quite like this. It is horrible irony that you're being treated this way by a communications giant. I hope you find a satisfactory resolution soon.

  11. Bless you. Thanks for coming by to visit.


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