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Rebate, Summer, Books & Moving

Finally, the Verizon rebate arrived in the form of a $50 Visa card, much appreciated by me.
As I wrote in my last post I'd been battling to get this rebate for several weeks, sending in a variety of requested forms with receipt and all being the wrong ones.
The last ones I sent were simply a repeat of the ones before and VOILA. They were the exact ones they wanted.
Enough said.
I'm going back to my life now that that issue has been put to rest.
Speaking of going back to my life, it appears a move for me may be on the horizon.
This summer has been an uphill battle to get the lawn work done. Services in this area have not returned my calls. I've been depending on family to cut my two acres all summer and battle the weeds that grow in abundance here in the country. It's been an uphill struggle for all of us. I'm throwing in the towel. I simply can't do it anymore. Mostly I worry and someone else does the actual work! And I don't much like either.
Tomorrow I'm going to look at a condo back in the city. And though I'll be sad to see this phase of my life over, I'm excited to begin life anew where I'll have sidewalks and trails to walk,  a shopping center that isn't miles and miles of driving through the country to get to and so many other amenities I can't begin to name them. Last but not least will be moving back near old friends and a community I know so well.
That's it for now. I'm sad to see the end of summer looming so fast and hard. The weather here has been the best ever. Cool mornings and evenings with sunny afternoons with lovely blue skies.
I have a book signing coming up at Tamarack Aug. 29, I actually worked on a few chapters of Sweet Baby James and can see myself completing it before the year's end when I can get settled somewhere and have the time to concentrate.
Happy end of August to you. What are you into? I've read some stories by fellow bloggers Teresa Coltrain who wrote GRIM TALES OF THE RURALHOOD, loved it, and am reading a novel titled HOT FLASHES AND COLD LEMONADE by Susan Flett Swiderski. I'm loving the book.
Have a great day all. Hope to hear from you. Hugs!

Both available on Amazon!


  1. Hi-ya.

    I can see how you'd have mixed feelings about moving, but two acres is a LOT of yard and weeds to tend to. Plus, I'm sure you'll enjoy being back in the midst of friends and activities, again.

    Thanks so much for the plug! I do appreciate it.

    You asked for my email address. It IS on my sidebar, but I'll give it to you here, too:

    af4fo (at sign) aol (dot) com

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you got your rebate.

    I like your attitude about a new chapter in life. I've live in my rural community for 55 years, but know one day I'll need to move to the city and it will drive me crazy. :)

  3. Hi, Barb. I'm so glad I went back to blogging; you commented on my last and what is now my final post, which led me here....where I read through your posts about your husband's passing. Bittersweet for you, of course. You don't want your loved one in pain, but you hope they'll recover enough to stay a bit longer. Now that I know this has happened to you...I do cheer you on about moving from the country. You need more access to resources that the city has...though I'm glad Harrisonburg, VA is a smaller "city," but still a city. You've probably been here since I notice your comment about going to West Virginia. Anyway, I also read your posts about the Verizon miseries. They used to be really good, in the past, but I think they've gotten so big....I had connection issues with streaming with them here in Harrisonburg so I switched to Comcast and no longer have problems. Still have a cell phone, very basic, with them, and that's okay.

    Well, though I've really stopped blogging for good....just can't keep it up....I can find you if you post something. And you can email me if you've published a new book. I loved your Vada Faith, as you know. I read one Ezra story and liked it very much. I need to finish the volume. That's one of my problems....there are so many things to do and I start sometimes and don't finish something.

    Anyway, so glad you left a comment on my Pioneer Day blog post. I just posted the third and final farewell. But let's keep in touch....when you can. I'm always at annbest65 at gmail dot com.

    I do know somewhat the adjustments one has to make, having been, as you know, both divorced and widowed. But you have, it sounds like, wonderful children, grandchildren, your writing and other interests. Sounds like you'll be occupied for a time with a move. Take care. You're in my thoughts. Ann

  4. Enjoy the gift card. thanks for the reviews.
    Welcome back. I hope that all is well. I have not written a post for over a month now. Just did not get around to writing. I am glad that you have written. Take care of yourself,


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