Zen, Yoga, and Other ways to slow down!

I've decided to simplify my life. 

Recently, I realized I've lived most of my life in a state of panic. As a result I'm looking at things I can realistically change. I found the list below of 12 zen things on facebook. It seems a good place to start. 

Zen Defined.

noun: a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.

SOUND GOOD? I agree!

I dug out my old yoga tape, the basics of yoga with Rodney Yee, and I intend to start that program again. The peaceful music alone makes me feel better. Then when I do the stretches and easy yoga poses I know I'm on the right track to better health.

 Is anyone willing to make a few changes with me? Maybe slow our lives down just a bit. Rather than going through life on a zip line without taking time to even breathe - correctly - that's right. When I pause to check my breathing, it's even rapid as if I'm running a race and with nowhere to go. I feel it's time I started fresh and gave my life a jumpstart. Do you feel that way too?

Let me know if you're interested in sharing ways to live your life a little bit better, and a bit less rushed.I'll be letting you know how I do in slowing down, letting go of old habits, and basically renewing my vows to get healthier. Mentally. Physically.

AND Spiritually.

I've added prayer three times a day to my schedule. After reading The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and already believing in the benefits of prayer, I pray daily for healing of the health issues in my life and for the bad memory-issues that keep me from living my life to the fullest. This is a book that describes a healing code that can lead to better health. Fascinating. YES, and it's not even one of my books. But I recommend it highly.

WHAT are you doing this summer?
I'll be ultra busy in July. My daughter is coming with two of the triplets and they are staying after she leaves for two weeks. Or so they tell me. Then the third one will join me a few weeks later. Whew! I need to get 100% rested and feeling great. I have a little over two weeks to do it. Wish me luck.
Then after the kiddies leave, I plan to finish the long awaited sequel to Vada Faith, Missing: Sweet Baby James.

Now, tell me what your plans are...


  1. I'm going to sit back relax and wait for the sequel of Vada Faith. Then I'm going to sit back and read it. Lol.

  2. I so agree with the importance of pacing life and to avoid that constant feeling of having a lot to do and not enough time to do it. A long time ago, I realized that that ' multi-tasking' that so many people brag about being able to do, is really a very bad way to live. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but to make it a habit is very unwise and dangerous to our well-being.

    Looking forward to the next installment of Vada Faith!

  3. This is awesome! Enjoy every day.

  4. Rodney is my yoga choice.

    I like your list.

  5. I love your plan. Sometimes I feel that I'm on a treadmill, rushing to nowhere. Why? Because my "to do" list is always too long, too much. I'm trying to focus on one main accomplishment a day, Will let you know how I make out.


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