Barbara Null Whittington at Tamarack, Beckley, WV signing books June 14, 11-4.

I'll be at the Tamarack, Beckley, WV on June 14 from 11 to 4 signing my books: Vada Faith and Ezra and Other Stories.
Would love to see you there!!!

My latest story is an ebook only on Kindle at
Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam. Hope you'll stop by Amazon and take a look. It's story length - not novel length - a quicker read for those of you who have little time to devote to reading and is dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam War. Leave your comments about any of my books here. Would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a wonderful place to have a book-signing! We stop at Tamarack every time we head from Florida to Cleveland and just love it. Would love to have our trip coincide with your book signing some day.

  2. I read the sweet story, "Dear Anne: Love Letters From Nam". It brought that war back to life for me. I was just a teenager when both my older brothers were drafted in the 60's. My oldest brother had just gotten married and found out when he left he was going to be a dad. He was stationed in Thailand and didn't have to go fight..thankfully. He came home when his little boy was 2. It was hard to have my nephew not know his daddy. My second brother actually joined the Marines when he found out his number was low for the draft. He decided he would pick his service instead of letting Uncle Sam do it. He and his best friend joined together. Again, thankfully, he and his friend made it home. Being a Marine meant he was in the thick of the fighting. I don't remember him talking about it much when he came home, although he did show us slides that he took of his sandbag bunkers and some of his buddies. When I would ask about the cute pics of his friends he would say: "Oh, he died"...and that went on until the end of the slide show...that was the end of the talk of Nam. You can see why this story hit home for me. He went on to live a very happy life. He married, had a daughter, a successful business and continues to live a good life. Both of my brothers do. We were the lucky ones I guess. I truly enjoyed the story and would love to continue to read about the life of those two lovers and their child. I hope you're feeling better and I know this was a hard Father's Day for you after losing your husband. I wish you all the best Barb...take care.

  3. Thanks so much Yaya for reading Dear Anne. Happy you liked it. It was a story I wrote from the heart as I had a brother in law and nephew and friends in Vietnam. It's true I don't think any of the guys talked about it much. Perhaps they should have. It would have made us smarter about war, maybe. I am doing ok. Hugs for thinking about me. B


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