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A Change in Scenery...

We're getting ready for a change in scenery. Tomorrow we head to Milwaukee from our home in Ohio to visit our youngest four grandchildren - Chase, Tanner, and Mackenzie - triplets - who will turn 10 while we are there. And Austin Cole who just turned 6. And our daughter Jill and her husband Jason.

We are so excited we can't stand it. I've been packing our bags and tucking in treats and little gifts all week.

We visited the neaby Apple Barn and bought fresh apple butter,  honey and apples to take to them.

You'd think we were taking a trip to Europe, the way we've been assembling items. Don't forget to take this or that, we keep reminding each other. Of course at our age, it's DO NOT forget to pack your prescriptions. We'll only be gone a week but you'd think we were going for the winter.

We both look forward to the change in scenery. Especially with fall here and the leaves putting on a grand and colorful show. Our trip will take us through Indiana and Illinois and then into Wisconsin. Any time we've traveled this route in the fall, we've been given a rare and welcome show by the beautiful landscape.

When we arrive the kiddies are beside themselves with joy and throw themselves into our arms. Of course we love and welcome every gesture of their affection. We haven't seen them since June and pictures tell us they've grown by heaps and bounds.

They'll be surprised because Nana and Papa have a new car. They were used to riding around with us in the old gray sedan when they came to visit - now one of the first orders of business will be to take them for a ride in the new vehicle and as this one has many new features I'm sure all four of them will try out each button and switch.

I don't remember having these kinds of visits with my own grandmother. The only one living when I came along was my Grandma Casto and she was very sedate and old fashioned. She wore her gray hair braided and wound around her head. Later in her life she kept it cut and permed. She got a perm every three months like clockwork. She wore a sun bonnet on trips out to the cemetery when we went to decorate. We always took her peppermint sticks when we went to see her. She let us play with the buttons in her button jar.  She liked to stay home and only went to church. Will I turn into Grandma? I don't know. I might. But I think it's unlikely.

Grandparents are more active today, perhaps because we're healthier and have more energy. Or because we didn't live through the depression nor work physically as hard as the generation before us.

Whatever the reason I can't wait to climb into the car tomorrow and head off to Wisconsin where our youngest grandchildren are waiting for us with hugs, kisses and love.

What more could one ask in this life than to be loved by a child?

We've been blessed eight times with grandbabies and are so thankful for each one.

Have a blessed day and hug someone today. If not a child then find a loved one and give him/her a big hug.


  1. Hope you have a safe and wonderful vacation with your grandchildren Barbara. Grandchildren are our pride and joy..

  2. Wonderful post, Barbara! I was blessed to live beside of my grandma when I was growing up. I saw her on a daily basis. She was kinda like your grandma with her permed hair and all. Enjoy your visit!

  3. What a fun to read post! I love your excitement and you are oozing energy! Your grandchildren will have a wonderful time with you both, I am sure! And triplets, celebrating a birthday, too, oh my!

    I was so blessed with fantastic grandparents who lived close by and I saw weekly or more often. Both grandmas were young at heart.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Loved reading this one! We are so happy you both are coming to visit!! The kids are so excited & cant wait yo see you guys. I mourn the loss of my grandparents when I was so young, every day. I only got to know them through the eyes of a child. I would have loved to have had so much more time with all of them. I cherish the relationships the kids have with you & Dad... Love you, and cant wait to hug you both for myself!!!

  5. This is just wonderful. Have a great visit.

    We are so different than our grandmothers. That is a good thing. I want my grandchildren to remember me as one who enjoyed participating in life. I want them to remember having fun times with me. I also want them to remember a few lessons about life that I hope I am able to teach them.

  6. I grew up in Chicago and we had a second little house in Wis. that my Dad bought for my Grandparents to live in. It was on a lake and we had many wonderful summers and even winters there with them. I only had one Grandma and she was pretty active in different ways than I am with my Grandkiddos. But the memories are sweet and I hope you have many sweet ones this week with yours. Enjoy your time there!

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling so much better to be able to go on a trip!

    Have a wonderful time and drive safely. Enjoy the view.

  8. Have a wonderful grandparenting visit. Those babies are so lucky to have you.

  9. Visiting you from Sally and sure hope you've had a wonderful time with your Family. The love of a child is the greatest gift in the world.

  10. I have just returned from the UK. I held my first grandchild in my arms and was bowled over with love. I understand your excitement. Have fun and laughter all the way!


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