The Beauty of October

Thanks to the beauty of October and it's brisk refreshing days,  I've been hard at work again on my writing project - THE NOVEL.

 I've been rewriting all 312 pages of it and its nearing the finish line. I passed page 215 in the rewrite yesterday. I'm updating and tweaking the story.

Once it's finished I have some new places to send it to. Keep those fingers crossed.

This book has been a work in progress for ten years from the day I had the idea to now. It's grown by leaps and bounds.

It's been around to dozens of places and has a fair amount of rejections. Okay, a huge stack.

On the other hand it's won one award and gained praise from many readers, editors and agents.

My dream has been to see this book published. My long ago goal was to sell short stories and essays. Those goals have been met.

Now it's back to the big dream. The published novel.

If the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise and  I experience no other disasters by early November I'll have this thing on its way.

I'm delighted that I've kept at this daily writing schedule for the last month.

I'm a Gemini and have lots of irons in the fire. Too many things draw me away from my good intentions.

Any of you have that problem? Start something and then get lured away by a project that seems better than the one on which you are working???

Share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Blessings to you and yours, Barb

Plus, R and I are traveling to Wisconsin in another week to see the youngest grandchildren, the triplets who soon will be ten and their younger brother.

We're excited!


  1. Your story sounds familiar, Barbara. I have many pots on the stove and keep going to and fro between them. I have a story that I would love to get published and have tweaked it time and time again. It still needs tweaking - I find it hard writing the longer stories, since I am so used to writing the picture books, but I'm trying. Good luck, you are a good writer, I am sure you will find a home for your story.

  2. It takes tenacity to stay at it! Good for you and good luck getting this novel published! I'm rooting for you!

  3. Good luck! Lord, yes, I have the same problem. Ironically, I started a blog to try to establish the proverbial "platform" all the agents and publishers seem to think we writers should have. Where the irony comes in is the blog was supposed to be a "means to and end", but I've ended up spending so much time researching and writing my blogposts, (not to mention commenting on other blogs) my poor book has fallen by the wayside. So the blog has become an "end" in itself. My novel's been written, re-written, and edited multiple times, but I haven't finished what I'd consider the final editing yet. ARRRRRGH!

  4. Oh boy, do I know this one!

    "Start something and then get lured away by a project that seems better than the one on which you are working???"

    This is the story of my life; I have to spend considerable time re-routing myself. It's such a rare occurrence to actually finish a task before I'm flitting off to another one.

    For now, I'm not letting myself think about "serious writing" until I have retired. I would make myself crazier than I already am.

    Best wishes for publishing success, soon!

  5. I used to procrastinate, but then I decided to put that off and do something else...have a fun trip and enjoy the leaves, the weather and the family. Good luck with your novel. I'll look for it on shelves soon! I have faith that it will be published!

  6. So appreciate all the lovely and encouraging comments.
    Being a Gemini, I tend to let my thoughts roam all over the place but I'm focused on finishing this project. Off here now to work! Blessings to you and the projects of your hearts! B

  7. My wife always jokes with me. "Oh look, a chicken!"

    I am always becoming distracted by this or that. Guess such is a cost of being eclectic with interests. Keep on keeping luv, you'll get there. :) I know it.

  8. Good luck on moving your novel; these are tough times for writers. (But then, maybe ALL times are tough for writers.)


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