SOMEONE said writing a story is like giving birth to a child. Each one has its own significance, its own breath, its own place, its own pain in becoming.

Beforehand you were in awe of it, a little scared of it, knowing not what to expect. It moves us forward to the next plane, the next level - giving us the knowledge and commitment that strengthens us for the task of caring for AND launching our charges.

What do you think?
Anything you'd like to compare writing to?
Look forward to hearing from you!
Blessings on this new and unfolding month.


  1. Barb~ Writing for me is breathing. ♥

  2. Writing is like taking that first step into new snow and wandering out where Spirit leads me.

  3. I'm not a writer in the greatest sense of the term..but my blog is where I connect with family and friends and where I can just be me. I can express what ever I feel is important for me and then I get a surprise..people who comment and we connect too! It's like walking into a room full of strangers, but having everyone turn and give me a big smile, a pat on the back and an invite to come visit them...like I do you!

  4. Writing to me is bringing my imagination to life on paper. When writing my stories that take place in the past, it is bringing my characters back to life again, if just for a little while, and experiencing their lives and their way of life.

  5. I enjoyed reading all the comments and agree with everyone. Writing is like breathing, it's connecting, it's inventing and reinventing.
    Our blogs have added another dimension to my writing life. When it's all said and done I think all we want, all we need is to be connected to others. To be validated and accepted for who we really are.
    Thanks! And blessings.

  6. The giving birth metaphor is one I think about a lot - it's very apt for what we do. It's nice to have you back. Hope you're doing well.

  7. It's like cooking. Get the ingredients right, add inspiration and that special spice that no one else uses, and there you go. Of course, like cooking, there can be failures if the recipe isn't right or the cook gets in a hurry.

  8. For me, writing is discovery. There's always something new – a character that pops into a story, an unplanned scene that just has to be included, a word that suddenly feels right. Or . . . when writing historical fiction or non-fiction, it's a joy of discovering a whole new world and then bringing it to life.


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