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Losing followers...

I noticed after I put the post up of my review of The Shack I lost a few followers, well not a few, two. Once I get "friends" it makes me sad to lose them. Even if it's only two. Esp if it's my fault.

I didn't mean to offend. And if I did, I apologize.

The diversity of blogs and blogging is why I'm here. To learn. To offer what little bit I know about life and writing. And to make some new friends.

This platform gives us not only a place to share our thoughts and feelings and writings but a place to form a circle of supporters that we would not otherwise have.

I'd have never met the very funny Luvia and her wonderful baby Emma, or Deb S. and her beautiful essays so far away in Washington, or several of my friends from far away places such as Austrailia, and the Uk.

Or Granny Kate who writes of things that touch my spirit and heart and soul.

Perhaps I didn't lose the two people because of anything I said. It may have just been their time to move on and find other people to follow.

Whatever the reason I believe we all touch each others lives for a reason.
I hope in some small way I have touched your life and maybe even made it better.

Any suggestions or comments??? Would love to hear from you.


  1. I am so sorry if it was me, but for the sake of making excuses, I've been having some diffulity with my internet. Don't know if that was the reason for it or not but I assure you I didn't do it on purpose because I love your blog, it is just great. I apppolige again, if it was me. Thanks Susie

  2. Barb, people come and go for many different reasons. You can't please everyone, and sometimes it's just one of those things. I've lost followers for some of the things that I've said and well, oh well. Sorry.

    don't worry, you'll gain them back soon enough.

  3. I agree Barb with Anne. My followers come and go. Sometimes because of computer issues such as Susie commented about, sometimes a follower will close out accounts, sometimes they decide they don't really want to follow.
    I remember my beginning year...I lost a few & thought omgosh! What did I do :(... But now I am fine. It's interesting to me that so many people "follow me" without officially doing so. When I click on my MAP LOCO, I can see who has viewed by city, state, country. My Sis has nevered followed, however I always know when she has been by because she is the only Coatsville person I know that reads me. Same with my daughter, Mom, several not blog friends and so on. When I am on my Laptop, I cant click "follow" when I find a new blog I like. I stick it in my favorites & follow that way till I go to an older computer that isnt as restricted as my sensitive Laptop.
    Keep writing how you are, please. I love your Blog. I enjoyed your review on The Shack. I enjoyed reading the many comments & even got a bit educated by the comment about the Authors history.
    Remember, it's your Blog, your opportunity to share thoughts, ideals and experiences. Never feel the need to apologize. I love the Honest Blogs way more than the ones that are trying to please and seem to have thousands of followers.

  4. Hi Barb, I'm still a follower! I don't think you said anything that was offensive in your post. Followers do come and go, sometimes for no real reason. Who knows, they may have just stopped blogging. Keep up the good posts.

  5. I love your blog and I love reading ideas, feelings and opinions that are floating out in the blogospher..(is that even a word?)But my blog is just that.. "my blog".. and so is yours and sometimes it's tempting to try and please readers instead of writing what you keep on doing what you're doing, which is great and those of us with good taste will continue to follow. I hope I didn't contribute to anyone leaving you because of what I wrote about that book. It sure has a tendency to stir things up..which secretly I love because it brings spice into life! Have a great weekend!

  6. It's good to have different views and different opinions and it's okay to disagree. That is how I felt when I wrote the review. Most of the family LOVES the book. My daughter and I did not.

    You're right about the blog. People come and go. And I do get new people. It's not a big deal.
    I know you can't please everyone and I'm happy to have a few people think what I write is worth reading.
    So with that I'm moving on.
    I did lose one dear blogging friend who passed away last month. He was a wonderful photographer and though he did not leave comments he always read my blogs and talked about them on face book. John Kimmel RIP.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  7. It happens to all of us. I've second guessed myself a few times, but then I think, what the heck, it's my blog. I don't mean to offend people, but hey, it's their choice if they want to follow or not.

  8. Blogger once kicked me off a blog and I had to re-follow. That sometimes happens. Or perhaps people delete their accounts. So it's not necessarily you. :)

  9. Thanks for all the pros and cons regarding lost followers. You're right of course. People change their minds, change their accounts, and even change their friends or who they follow and it's all alright.

    Bless you for commenting!

  10. You know, sometimes I get a case of the "shy" and want to pull off all blogs and facebook and whatnot -- but I get to thinking about how important it is to stay in contact with people --whether we all agree on every little thing or not. And I think of some of the writers and how much I'd miss reading their work and I manage to stick around.

    Now, as for you, I love what I read here. But I will say, if any one doesn't, just remember it's your blog. Speak up and say what you want to say. Keep writing it real.

    If some folks leave, it may be more about them than it is about you-- sometimes people need a bit of a gettaway to think on things. Or less time in computerland.

    Now, I did get dropped by an old acquaintance last year -- someone who made it a point to tell me so and why in no uncertain terms. But the way I look at it, then i didn't have to leave things out in order not to offend her.

  11. Don't worry that it's anything you may or may not have done- and really, if someone unfollows you for expressing your opinion or whatever, then do you really care if they unfollow you?

    Besides, it may be something completely unrelated to you - they closed their blog or are having trouble, etc ....

    *smiling at you*

  12. Thanks for all the pros and cons - you've left me with even more to chew on.

    It's time to move on to a new post.
    So that's what I'll do. Concentrate on something new and possibly improved.

  13. Hi Barb, I think that's just the nature of blogging. The numbers fluctuate, and the next thing you know, you'll have five new followers :)

    I agree with you that we all touch each others' lives, in some way. It's really a great community here, with lots of amazing connections ...

  14. Oh, Barb, I'm sorry you've been hurt by the withdrawal of a couple of blog followers. It's been my experience in four years of doing this that there is definitely an ebb and flow to blog relationships. A small handful become genuine friends, where our relationships grow and love and respect blossom. Some people drift away. Others find their way to us.

    For those of us who write the truth to learn the truth and to connect with others who seek the truth, there will always be some who prefer only the safety of agreement. It doesn't mean we need to change anything about ourselves.

    Thank you for your sweet words. I know if/when you and I ever have the chance to meet, we'll know each other as old friends.

  15. Deb,
    Every word of what you said is so true. I already feel as though I know women in particular from blogging that I will stay friends with forever. I wasn't hurt that they left but I was afraid I'd hurt them or offended them by my words. I hate to hurt anyone. However, we have to be accepting of our differences. That's why blogging is so much fun and so rewarding. I've learned so much by blogging and reading others blogs. Well, thanks to all who posted.
    Bless you all.


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