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My husband and I are becoming addicted to the Dr. Oz show. Well, he watches and I’m addicted. I’m energized by this man’s vim and vigor. He jumps out onto stage and within minutes is giving me ways to live longer and better. I find myself jumping up and down with him at the very thought of living so long and feeling so good.

What’s not to like about a man named Mehmet who comes on every morning and cheers me while I eat my steel cut oats, walnuts, and blueberries.

But, let me warn you, if you haven’t watched his show, it involves a lot of diseased body parts and slabs of body fat brought out on trays to show us what our insides look like on a bad day.

Everything he talks about whether it’s a dysfunction with sex, sleep, or daily living, there is something that can be bought at the pharmacy or health food store to alleviate the problem. From erectile dysfunction to constipation - Dr. Oz is all over it.

Some of the stuff he recommends can even be plucked out of the yard. Take sassafras root for example. When I learned one of the trees in our yard was sassafras, I was out there on my knees paying homage to the tree and instructing my husband on how to cut one of its roots so we could enjoy a cup of healthy tea. After several hours of major chopping on his part with his trusty (but old) ax, and the exchange of some colorful words on my part, we ended up with a handful of roots. I cleaned and boiled the roots that very afternoon. The tea was quite tasty. But now, I have no idea what it’s good for.

Many feel Dr. Oz’s word is gospel SO I’ve tried to purchase every pill, vitamin, and herb. I had to move the contents of one kitchen cupboard out to the counter to make room for all my vitamins ranging from A-Z. I’ve added a number of spices and herbs to my collection, including curry, fennel, sesame, and turmeric.

My husband says after I take all this stuff, I’ll either be bionic or dead. I’m not sure which he’s rooting for. (Though it does seem he isn’t with me on this.)

Dr. Oz and I were clipping along and getting to know each other and then I discovered he was getting into my, well, into my purse. More specifically, my wallet.

All his “suggestions” were costing me a pretty penny. Many pretty pennies, actually. Along with some not so bad looking dollars.
I knew I had to put a stop to our relationship and I was dreading it.
However, I learned today its cold turkey for me and Dr. Oz.
Our satellite went out and will be out for a few days.
So,I guess it’s back to CD’s. Yoga, Rodney Yee, and Me.
Anyone want to join me?


  1. Every time I watch one of those shows, and learn what we're supposed to be eating, I realize I'd have to give up EVERYTHING I eat now to make room for it all! My doctor told me I needed 3 different supplements. I bought them. I took them. I doubled over in pain. So she tells me to alternate and take just one pill a day. Hmm... because they help me? OK.

  2. I work with Docs all day and they don't have much good to say about Dr. Oz..maybe they're jealous and wish Oprah had discovered them?? My Mom lives and breathes Dr. Oz..she thinks she should do more for her health. She's, funny, busy, and frankly I think she should be on TV giving advice..she's already lived longer than Dr.Oz! Who knows, maybe she'll live another 84yrs if she swallows a few more vitamins!

  3. There a secret cure around every corner.

  4. I'm a firm believer in finding natural cures for illnesses, but I am also way too squeamish to ever watch the Dr. Oz show. Of course, if you google any medical malady you can find all sorts of advice, or if you're like me you might come to the (false) conclusion that you are dying of some rare disease because you have all the symptoms. Knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

  5. Thanks everyone for responding. I think the answer to all the health remedies out there is to pick and choose what is right for us.
    I've gone overboard in the last year purchasing vitamins and bottles of pills and now I don't take any of them. AND big tip - I love the new gummy vitamins best. Usually vits upset my stomach and the gummy ones don't.
    That's the best I can do for getting healthy this year. AND after you watch the doctor shows you get worn out and cannot bear them anymore. Time to move on!

  6. I record r Oz also and watch as much as I can. He scares me sometimes, his show gets kinda wild with all that can and will go wrong. He scares my poor old momma to death sometimes.

  7. I love Dr. OZ but watch him sparingly as part of me is a HUGE hypochondriac and I don't want to know too much! lOL

  8. You are so funny. I can't watch shows like that because, like Terri, I think I have every problem that gets talked about. So, do you feel any better after taking the stuff you've bought so far?

  9. NO, don't feel any better and my stomach won't take a lot of pills so I rarely take any vits.
    Trying to eat right and exercise.
    Blessings to you all. Thanks for reading.

  10. I like Dr. Oz, too. Today he was talking about how to get rid of the stomach fat, the hip fat, and the all over fat. But, I can only take so much of him. Don't know about sassafras, but catnip tea is great for a baby's colic.

  11. I have watched him before & he is very engaging to watch! I love learning & his graphic way makes me listen...however, I dont buy into or go buy what I should. I just push this data into my brain and move along to the next thoughts in my head.
    Love to you♥


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