A New Year's Greeting/OR untrimming the house

with apologies to Dr. Seuss

Cleaning up after the holiday
Isn’t quite as much fun,
As on the day
When the decorations were strung.
There was my family, all spruced, in the den,
With an eggnog toast, and a cheer, “Let’s begin.”
We set about bedecking every pillar and post,
Window and mantle -
With ribbon, wreath, Santa, and candle.
By the end of the evening
The tree was aglitter.
The windows were glowing
With the candlesticks flicker.
The children were happy
Mom and Pop, too.
To think we did all this.
You! You! and you!

But, then, the week after
Rolled quickly ‘round.
No time to untrim.
We headed to town.
To return all our presents.
To see a quick show.
What? It’s the first of January
The trimming must go.

Undo each ribbon. Undo each bow.
Untie the wreaths
Get that tree in tow.
It’s out to the trash bin
Arms loaded, we go.
Away go the boxes.
The cards and the letters.
Out comes our list of “Things to do better.”
Resolutions. Affirmations.
Declarations. Proclamations.
Where’s that old diet?
By jiminy, we’ll try it!
It’s a New Year we’re facing. And face it we will.
Without eggnog. Or fudge. Or even a pill.
We’ll face it together -
Oh, taste buds be still!
Until, oh no, here comes the BILL.
Or, as in our case, it’s many -
Giving the post man exercise aplenty.

At my house we’re still undoing the fun
Dusting and washing and rising and wiping
Trinkets and dishes and goblets, and griping,
“Next year, it’s a vacation we’ll take.
By Amtrak. Or horseback. Or roller skate!”
Who cares how we do it, we plan and we plot.
Next year it’s to the tropics.
Anywhere that it’s HOT.

But whatever we do, one thing is clear.
We’re wishing you and yours a VERY HAPPY

God bless!


  1. Every year I feel the same...same decorations, same menu...thankfully same family...same resolutions...same diet!...but then when the snows of December come flying, I'm thinking all this "same" is just another word for "traditions" and here we go again! Thanks for the fun poem and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a happy New Year.

  3. I love your poem, Barbara! No apology needed. Happy New Year to you.

  4. What a wonderful poem! It's exactly how I feel right now - with decorations needing to be taken down and put away for another year. Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks to all who read this. I hated taking down all the decorations when the kiddies were small because I did all the work.
    These day we trim very little, our tree is small and manageable.
    Everything that is a pain to us can be somehow turned into something funny.
    Blessings to all. B

  6. Barb: Hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. Very cute poem. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my recent post on eBooks.

    Re your question about downloading books to your computer - I know there are a lot of free books you can download and read on your computer/PC. I'm not sure where to find them all but I know they are out there.

    A lot of us like small e-readers like Kindle or the Nook that we can carry around in our purses, something you can't do easily with a laptop.

    Hope you get a better answer to your question!


  7. Ho-ly! I think Dr. Seuss would be taking his hat off to you! Fabulous! How much time must it take to find all those rhymy words!


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