Finally - New Release is out! Available now in paperback and kindle version. On Amazon.

Since we last visited the fictional town of Shady Creek, West Virginia, Vada Faith and John Waddell have welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Sweet Baby James. Their world shatters one afternoon when eight-month old James is missing from his play pen on the front porch of their old Victorian home. Is it a real kidnapping or is it a hoax? Duke Cobb, the town’s only police officer, determines to get to the bottom of this mystery. As the hours pass, Vada Faith’s trust in God wavers. She fluctuates between praying for her son’s safety and making bargains she isn’t sure she can keep. At a candlelight vigil in the park, Hope and Charity plead for the return of their baby brother. At the same time, two elderly sisters manage to knock the small town off its axis. Missing: Sweet Baby James is an unforgettable read, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Click the link below to go to Amazon and check out my new book. God bless you! And thanks.

My first novel, Vada Faith, introduces the reader to the Waddell family. Vada Faith is available on Amazon as a paperback and kindle version. Available on Barnes and Noble as well.

Southern writer, Lee Smith, said of Vada Faith, “...the combination of the tight, funny, punchy writing and the serious theme (surrogacy) make this an unusual and memorable novel. The sisters’ wonderful as ever, and Mama is simply a dream....great characters and great narrative energy.” 

Vada Faith is the story of a young wife and mother with issues. She decides by becoming the first surrogate mother in Shady Creek, West Virginia, she will get the recognition she has longed for. Instead, the fight is on! Vada Faith, her family, and the townspeople draw up sides, leaving Vada Faith's life full of hurt and even more discontent. About family members learning to love better, to accept and to forgive each other.

For those of you who don't know, I had an literary agent for five years. She believed in Vada Faith wholeheartedly and tried without success to place it with a publisher. NYC and other places.
Finally, she gave me the rights back. I decided to self publish and I embarked on a journey that has brought success as well as many lessons to learn. 
I use Createspace at Amazon. I've learned in the last five years that a good story can become publishable with lots of hard work and endless editing. I'm surrounded by people who support me. My immediate family and all of my WV family. This group includes friends from my church and my two writing groups. Without all these people holding me up, and without God holding my hand, this book wouldn't have been possible.


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