Romance paperback now available - wrapping up those small holiday gifts....

NEW romance paperback makes a sweet gift for the reader in your life.

The publication of my paperback Dear Ann: Love Letters from Nam, which is a short story, is finally HERE. So happy. Just click the link below to go to Amazon and check it out. The story is told in letters between a young soldier in war-torn Vietnam and his bride back home in West Virginia. Priced at $5.99. I put a lot of hard work and considerable research into this story. It is a part of a much larger work - which may take the rest of my lifetime to finish or I may never. Thus, here's a portion of the story I still love! The letters make a good stand-alone story. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. If at all possible, please leave a review on Amazon. This paperback exists because of the many requests I had to turn this story into a tangible book. Dear Anne is filled with romance, and the emotion and angst that comes with war-time romance. Leaving a loved one behind to go fight in a war in a far away strange land brings the two closer together. You'll get to know the terrain, the unrest, and the heartbreak that consumes nearly every waking hour of this young soldier's life.

This little book could be the right gift for that reader on your holiday list! 


Now to my love of gift wrapping!

Do you like to experiment with gift wrapping? I do. Especially when it's a small gift like the book above. Take plain brown or white paper and have fun with items such as initials, artificial flowers and greenery. I often combine lace and shiny ribbon  to match the occasion and put the two, add a few berries or greenery and you have an elegantly wrapped present. I'd love to hear your own ideas and how you do or don't wrap gifts. Nothing makes me happier than buying inexpensive ribbons and ornaments, or decorations throughout the year to put on my gift packages. I'm looking forward to the upcoming holiday season so I can once again have fun wrapping up the small gifts I buy. Buying small gifts doesn't mean you have to scrimp on the wrappings or that the wrappings and ornaments have to be expensive. You can make them elegant and lovely regardless of what you've spent. Below are some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas. I love to use buttons. I have a large collection and though I don't give away the ones I love I have many more to choose from. Craft stores are great places to score gift ideas and decorations to add to your gift wrapping supply box. Oh a good pair of scissors and a supply of clear tape help too.

Have fun during the coming holiday weeks. Barb

Me shopping in Cincinnati at the Christmas Market 2016 at Duke Energy Center with two of my favorite girls,
Mackenzie and Jillian. This market was simply amazing.


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