Fifties Music Cure for What Ails you

This is a blog I've revised from 2010. It's very relevant today. I've been on a search for 50s music, the music that I grew up to.

Recently I've ordered cd's and have had a great time listening to and dancing to the music. Remember Billy Joe Royal? Fats Domino? Sam Cooke? Well I remember them all and the words to their songs.
What songs did you grow up to? I'm always looking for new music to listen to. I'd love to have your suggestions, not just from the 50's but during the time you grew up. What strikes your fancy? What songs did you fall in love to?

I shop at one of those stores where you can buy everything from groceries, to the latest movie, to tires for the car.

I passed one of those machines that plays music. The ones where you punch the song you want to hear and it takes off. Mostly the machines offer Celtic tunes, or peaceful songs to lull one to sleep. Not this one. It had some great selections.

My choice was SODA SHOP CLASSICS and when it started playing, I was whisked back to the late fifties right there in the music/candles aisle of the super store. Back to when I was 12 or 13, just at the age when all of life seemed impossibly tragic and out of my reach.

WHY MUST I BE A TEEN AGER IN LOVE by Dion & The Belmonts sent chills up my spine because I remembered singing that to the Ricky Nelson and Elvis posters on my wall when my first boyfriend shunned me, pretend mike in my hand as I sprawled on my twin bed with the blond headboard. (Remember blond wood???)

Next came The Beach Boys singing, "Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba Ba-A-RAN, Oh, BARBARA ANN," my own name. I sang along with the boys as I twirled around the room in my skirt with a dozen starched crinolines underneath, my blond pony tail bobbing against my shoulders. The ribbon from the pony tail flying around my head as I flew across the room.

Oh those were the days. And those were the songs that made my heart beat faster. Still make my heart beat faster.

Since I bought the cd's, I can whisk myself back to the fifties whenever I want with a turn of the knob on my cd player.

Blessings to you all and here's to you finding what makes your heart beat faster.

Please share the music you love with me. Thanks.


  1. I have to say I'm partial to Motown: The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Little Eva singing "The Locomotion" which was written by Carol King . . .and Little Eva took care of Carol King's children while she wrote songs! Martha and the Vandellas, The Sherells--the list goes on. I loved them all!

    1. I love Motown too Pam. Did you like Sam Cooke, Smoke Gets in your eyes? Loved everything he did. Liked all the above singers as well. I could do a blog every week on the music I love and never run out of information.

  2. I too loved all the Motown sound as a teen, but I also liked the Beach Boys. From the 50's, I was in grade school, but loved the music of Elvis and Ricky Nelson. Loved the music of the 50's and 60's. I wasn't born yet, but I also like joy the music from the 40's. My parents had records Glenn Miller, Rosemary Clooney, Les Paul and Mary Ford. I like most music.

  3. I liked Elvis, Ricky Nelson and The Everly Brothers in particular. But I don't really remember much about musical likes until the 60's when I fell in love with folk music. I do remember well the pony tail and skirts with crinolines, though! And silk neck scarves!

    1. Oh my The Everly Brothers! Loed them too. The coffee house or folk music such as John Denver, I was also a fan of. As I said I just love music. The 40's too. REmember all of them. Remember Teresa Brewer, How much was that doggie in the window?


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