Happy Valentine's Day...

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?  

We each have our own unique story of love and how we met "the one." 
Some have funny stories, strange stories, or simply humdrum stories that are special.

Here's how I met mine.

My cousin, Sue, married the guy's best friend, Bill. Sue and Bill had set me up on several dates that fizzled. I wasn't sure about this third one. However, I went along with it.
AND fifty some years later, I can report that it was a success. He was exciting, tall, dark, and handsome. A world traveler who'd been in the Navy (a Seabee), traveled aboard ships, vacationed in Hong Kong, stationed in the Phillipines, visited Hawaii and lived on Midway Island as a swabbie. He was, in other words, exactly what I was looking for. Someone who would take me away from my childhood home where I thought my life was the pits. (How is it we learn after we mature that our lives were pretty darned good growing up! In fact, real good!)

We started our lives in our home state of West Virginia. Then went on to jobs in Ohio and Michigan. Finally, we bought a retirement home in FL which we renovated and then moved back to Ohio.

Over the years, we kept busy with three daughters, three son in laws, eight grandchildren, and one pug named Sam.

Living, planning, moving, growing. Though my guy is gone now, I'm still a romantic. I'd love to hear your stories about your romance or romances and about where you are today. Some of you may have brand new loves, old loves, loves that left you heartbroken or loves that you found late in life. You can even add loves that never panned out. Like I said we all have our stories and I'd like to hear yours. All of them. And someday I'll tell you all of mine! 

Sue, Barbara, Bill, Raymond at Der Dutchman - their 50th anniversary dinner


If you're looking for a love story to read this month click on the link below and read Anne and Rob's story. Told in letter form, it's a soldier's letters home to his bride while he served in Vietnam. While war is never easy, this story is about having hope. And how true love can pull us through in times of trouble.



  1. Hi-ya! It's been a long time... Too bad you didn't participate in the Valentine's bloghop that Arlee Bird sponsored; this post would have fit right in.

    While visiting the blog of one of the other hop participants, I happened to see your new book in the sidebar, and what can I say? I had absolutely no choice but to immediately BUY it! I'm really looking forward to reading it, too. See, I happen to have a box filled with every letter my husband wrote me when he was in the Army... including his tour in Nam. I've toyed off and on with using them somehow as the basis for a book, but never followed through on it. So, I am reeeeeally interested in reading your book! (The book I "might" have written...? HA!)

  2. Hi, again. Well, I read your book, and enjoyed it immensely. Great job! (I even posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.)

    Take care.

    1. Many thanks! Love what I've read of yours as well. Appreciate the reviews immensely.

  3. Hi, Barbara. I enjoyed reading your love story. My husband and I met on a blind date. I was seeing another boy at school at the time, but we had never went out on a real date. Only saw each other at school (held hands, walked the halls together, got caught by the principal kissing behind the school house :o) . He had promised on a couple of occasions to take me out on a real date, but those dates never happened. So, when my girlfriend said her boy friend's brother was in on leave from the Navy and would I go out on a double date with them, I said yes. After all, the other guy and I weren't going steady or anything. To make a long story short, the boy in the Navy and I have been married now for almost 38 years. Happy Ending.

    1. Love this story, Janet. Those Navy boys are quite handsome and end up being good husbands! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful love story.

    My love and I will be married forty-four years this year. He knows I prefer live flowers to cut because I think killing a flower is not romantic. He knows I prefer rocks or bottles or found art...something from the heart.

    1. That is so sweet Gail. We each value different things and our honey knows what we want and need. Thank you for sharing.

  5. In my time and in India most marriages were arranged and so was ours. We have been married forty four years and while we don't act like lovers do, there is almost nothing we will not do for each other.
    It is nice to see you write again. Love the story you just introduced.


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