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My friend Liz Vollstadt is offering three copies of her middle-grade novel, PAIRS ON ICE, as a Goodreads “Giveaway.”  Just go to, and type PAIRS ON ICE in the search box. When the book comes up, scroll down to “Get this book for free” and click to enter. 

To find more Giveaways–and there are lots of them––you can click on the arrow next to Explore on the Home page, and then select Giveaways in the drop-down menu.  You just might win a book!  You can also find PAIRS this way by clicking through and choosing one of the following tags: children, middle-grade, coming-of-age, or friends 

As an added note, Liz’s book just won a Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association.  PAIRS ON ICE placed second in  the the middle-grade category. Congratutions, Liz


Book Description

Competition is getting tougher for Jamie Bartlett, 12, as she advances in figure skating. She won a bronze medal at the Novice National Championships, but it wasn’t gold, and others are pulling ahead. Will her Olympic dream fade away?
Her coach suggests a new path, skating pairs with Matt O’Connor, who’s looking for a new partner. With pairs lifts and fewer triple jumps, Jamie would have a better chance of making it to the top. There’s just one problem: Jamie and Matt have already met–and clashed–on the ice. They join forces anyway and their skating is smooth and polished. But their constant battles keep them from becoming a winning team.
Adding to Jamie’s problems, her divorced father tells her he is getting married again. A new stepmother and brother are just what she doesn’t need, especially since she still hasn’t sorted out her up-and-down relationship with her mother. Will her life ever be smooth skating again?

“Everything in Jamie’s life comes to a head the night before sectionals, and she will be forced to grow up or quit skating. . . . This is a book that tweens will really enjoy especially those that are interested in ice skating and just discovering boys."


  1. Thanks for the blog, Barb. I really excited to have more readers discover my book by looking into this Giveaway.

  2. Hi Barb! I hope you're staying warm and safe this crazy weather time in Ohio! I'm assuming you didn't have to shovel snow living in your new home. Thanks for the new book read and giveaway. Congratulations to your friend on her literary award. The book looks like a good read for my 12 yr old Granddaughter! Have a good Thanksgiving!

  3. That book sounds like a winner for a couple of my granddaughters. Thanks for the head up!

    Goodreads giveaways are awesome! I've won a LOT of books. A couple weeks ago, I won six in a single day! (My personal best...) I think the secret to winning frequently is being consistent about writing reviews.

    Take care, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    1. HI Susan – Thanks for your interest in my book, PAIRS ON ICE. I've entered some giveaways, too, but haven't won yet. Maybe I'll start posting my book reviews on Goodreads as well as Amazon.

  4. Love that cover ! I am sure the book is cute too.


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