I'll be at the Tamarack on December 15, 16

I'll be at the Tamarack, the arts and cultural center, in Beckley, West Virginia on December 15, 16 to sign copies of my novel Vada Faith at the book store there. I believe the book store is next to the restaurant which is called Taste of West Virginia. 

This is most appropriate as the novel is set in a small town in West Virginia. It's the story about a surrogacy gone wrong and main character Vada Faith who longs for something more in her life. By the end of the story she realizes she has what she has needed and wanted all along. But not before dragging herself, her family, and the entire town on this tumultuous journey that most are not happy to be going on.

This is my first real book signing and I'm excited. Beyond excited. I'm going back to my home state to show off what I've accomplished. Even if it's a small accomplishment, this is huge for me.

Besides wondering what the weather will be in Beckley -- which is in the mountains and close to ski areas --- I've been pondering what to wear. Something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue?

I'm thinking something new is in order, as most of what I have consists of lounge wear, jeans, lots of pull overs and nothing that would suggest "successful author," which is the look I'm going for. Those who know me - know better. I'm still struggling along, writing, editing, making a few bucks here and there on my books and still trying to hit the big time. And loving every minute of my journey.

So, if I can wrangle a daughter to go with me to TJMaxx's I may be sporting something new at Tamarack. If not, well then, who knows?

 If you haven't seen Vada Faith you might go take a look at Amazon. It's in paperback and kindle version.
I also have a book of short stories titled Ezra and Other Stories that's on sale for $2.99. Anyone on your Christmas list read???

And if you are in or around Beckley on Dec. 15 or 16 between 11 and 4, stop in and say hello. I'll be the one pretending to be the successful author, smiling ear to ear and surrounded by paperbacks that looks just like this one below.

Have a great week!  Blessings, Barb

Product Details

Vada Faith by Barbara A. Whittington (Published Jun 10, 2012)


  1. You will do great!I am so excited for you. I would wear something Christmassy, that will make people think of buying a book for a Christmas present. If I am in that area, I will certainly stop by.

  2. Congratulations! I know your book will be a great success.

    Who is the publishing company, if you don't mind me asking.

  3. You do indeed look like a successful author! I thought about you when we were there the following week and was thrilled to see your book. Vada Faith has taken wings, just as you promised her.


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