Today I started doing yoga again.

I've missed it and the calmness and balance it brings.

I'd forgotten how good it felt to stretch and bend and listen to the soothing voice of Rodney Yee and the soothing music.

It's good for the soul.

This coming week I plan to start writing again. I've been bogged down with VADA FAITH and now it's time to let her fly on her own.

I've hovered and I've fretted and I've advertised til I'm blue in the face.  It's time to let go and move on.

I'm going to start the week with another story that catches up with Vada Faith a few years after she serves as a surrogate mother.

She has a sweet baby boy she calls SWEET BABY JAMES which I hope will be the title.

The only information I can offer at this time is James is kidnapped from his own yard from his play pen.

Vada Faith of course is beside herself with worry which turns to terror when he's gone a day or so.

That's where my work begins. I have the baby kidnapped already. My job now is to get him home safe.

Hope that you will hang around for the rest of the story.

And if you are feeling a might out of sorts as I've been lately you might try yoga. Get a yoga tape and try your hand at some bends and stretches.

It's good for the soul.

God bless.


  1. Good luck with the writing and the yoga! And of course with your novel :)

  2. I hope the centeredness you're finding with yoga helps you with your writing. You sound very peaceful here.

  3. I'm sure your next novel will be great. I think yoga is really wonderful, but I'm so not flexible that it's hard for me to do. I guess if I would just keep at it I might improve! I remember the last class I took. It was good, especially the end when you get to relax. I actually fell asleep! Getting a tape I could do at home would probably be the better thing if I'm going to fall asleep at the end! Have a good week and a happy Easter!

  4. You would love it yaya. Esp at home where nobody is watching and you can be yourself.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    I am feeling more peaceful, thanks! ABout time.

  5. I envy you, I could never sit still long enough to do yoga. Good luck with your new story.


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