Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11th, my novel Vada Faith will be offered free on Kindle at Amazon.

Get your copy. AND let me know when you read it what you think.

I'm interested in comments. I want to know if you find mistakes or typos so I can correct them!

And thanks for being interested enough in this story to follow it on here.

Don't forget that you can download Kindle free for your Mac or PC and can get all the free books you want!

Now, that's a deal.



  1. Congratulations Barbara ! this is great. I would like to get a copy on kindle but, I don't have one. Also my memory comes in my way of reading. I forget the first few pages as I read the rest of the book. I wish I could read. May be I can have our library order one for the people here.

  2. Woohoo girl, you've hit the big time.

    Free copy...this is great!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  3. I just successfully downloaded your book onto our iPad. You're my first e-book!


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