Faith, Fireworks, and Fir by Pam Andrews Hanson

This novel is set in the town of Evergreen, Michigan, home of The Christmas Store, where main character Faith works selling ornaments and trees along with a variety of newly arrived “special” angels, both beautiful and inspiring.

She soon becomes involved in helping the town’s elderly sisters, Cora and Carrie, save their Victorian Bed and Breakfast from being sold, thanks to their nephew David who has come to town to convince them to retire and move into a retirement community near him in Arizona.

Faith and David have both experienced broken hearts and try to guard their hearts from further hurt, by working actively to not fall for each other, even as they begin to feel a growing attachment.

They’re thrown together on enough occasions to make them miss each other when they are apart. Cora and Carrie help the romance along by setting them up on dates.

Faith and David volunteer to help organize the church’s Christmas in July Bazaar and work closely to set up booths and then end up standing in for the clown who is ill. AND, much to their surprise, they love doing it.

When David learns that Cora and Carrie are selling off family heirlooms to make ends meet, though they’ve been left a healthy inheritance and their inn business is thriving, he’s puzzled and does some snooping. He finally tracks the trail of money to the church and learns that Cora and Carrie are bankrolling many of the church’s new projects, including paying day care for any child whose family cannot afford the fees.

Unsuccessful in moving his aunts to Arizona with him, David returns to Arizona, selling his business at a huge profit with enough left over to help his spinster aunts with their church obligations. He moves back to Evergreen to be near them and to pursue a relationship with Faith.
By then Faith realizes how perfect they are for each other and when David proposes she says yes.

They have a lovely winter church wedding with all the town as guests.

A perfect ending to a perfect love story.

This e-book is available online at for $2.98. I know! I couldn’t believe it either.

Thanks Pam for a great read. It warmed me on these cold Ohio evenings!
Wherever you live it will surely warm your heart too. Give yourself an early gift or gift this e book to a reader you love.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely story. (Can hardly wait to get my Kindle for Christmas!)

  3. Hmmmm...I smell a good Hallmark movie with cute book!

  4. You're right yaya. It would make a great Hallmark movie. We've watched several good ones lately. Glad you smelled that to remind me.
    Blessings y/all.

  5. I love best to read of your memories of days gone by -- it's the most like sitting with you at the kitchen table or on the front porch, swapping stories.

  6. This comment was meant for the next post. : )


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