Loving Paul...

Dedicated to Paul, Ella, Dawn, Mark, Sue, Brownie, Debbie, Terri, Raymond, Lisa, Susan and Jill and all our family, especially loved ones who could not be here.

                    LOVING PAUL

    I was age five when I met Paul. He was holding Ella’s hand. Ella’s my sister, and she and Paul WERE a match from the start. When he met me I did not make a good impression. I wasn’t pretty like Ella and wear red lipstick. Mostly I threw  tantrums. I’d never been on “A DATE.” And I wanted to go on one --- with them!
    Paul was the tallest man I’d ever seen and the most handsome. With his black curly hair, he was called Curly by his friends.
    When Ella and Paul married they became book ends, holding each other up and the life they built between them. Oh, he might have been a step behind ELLA. BUT he never faltered. When Dawn came along I’ve never seen prouder parents. I didn’t even know Dawn had legs until she was two or three. BECAUSE Paul NEVER put DAWN  down. THEN along came his beautiful son AND he had to put Dawn DOWN. HE had to chase Mark, his busy wonderful little boy. BUT he did it with a smile. ALWAYS. His  family  was complete AND  life was good.
    Ella energized Paul’s slow methodic ways. He softened her edges. (Yes, the girls in my family have a bit of an edge!)
    Paul walked slower than the rest of us OBSERVING what WE missed. He smelled the roses. WE WALKED PAST OR ON the bushes.
    Paul’s destination and purpose has been to walk closer to the Lord.
    I saw him change and grow. He’s  always been tall among men but now he’s taller than the highest cloud.  
    Most of us will never come close to where Paul was in his walk with the Lord, but   WE can always get  on that path PAUL walked. 
    I’m on that PATH. And I pray you are too. 
    Paul’s never really been my brother in law. He’s always been my brother.
    Rest in peace my beloved brother.



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Paul seems like a very special loving man.

  2. This was a beautiful tribute. I too am sorry for your loss.

  3. How lucky you were to have him in your life and how sorry I am that he's only there in memory now.But someday you'll all be together again. What a lovely tribute to Paul. The world needs more men like him.

  4. a fitting tribite to your loved one. I am sorry for your loss but so happy he made such an impact on you♥
    hugs & prayers~

  5. What a beautiful tribute to someone who was clearly an exceptional man.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a wonderful tribute to such an honorable man.

  7. Sorry you've also suffered a loss -- what gifts their friendships are we never know completely until they've moved on. They are more present now than when they lived on this side of the veil. Blessings, Barb -- this is an excellent tribute you've written.


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