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Shingles: not the roofing kind...

Just when I thought things could not get any worse at our house my husband R came down with shingles.

On the day I had to be at the hospital in Columbus with one adult daughter in the morning and then go to Cincinnati to pick up her husband after his stomach surgery the day before, R gets up with a rash that had turned to blisters.

We made a quick dash 40 miles away to our family Dr. for a check up and yes my diagnosis was correct. Shingles! So armed with two medications we headed to the medical center to see our daughter, then to Cincinnati to pick up her husband and then home to collapse and hope that that's the end of our downward spiral.

I'm worn to a frazzle and so is R.

No time for writing or fretting about writing.

I do feel good knowing that I have some contest entries out (short stories and one novel) and will be working on my novel at least two days this coming week.

I have my writers meeting on Monday at Great Expectations Cafe and Book Store and look forward to that.

Have you had shingles or know anyone who has? Any tips or suggestions for ways to deal with this will be appreciated.

I promise to come up with a better topic for next time. Something very professional and writerly.

Blessings til next time.


  1. Glad to hear that you have a writers meeting this week... Rest up so you can get there, and have some "writerly" time!! I hope Dad's medication helps him heal, and quickly! We will be home in 13 days for plenty of visiting and iced tea!! Love you both!

  2. No, I have never had shingles nor known anyone who has had it. My advice would be: google it...right?
    I have heard that it's awful.
    And you should not resort to putting a pillow over his head should his pain become too much to bear for you...I'm just sayin'...not that I think you or anybody I know is capable of such a thing.
    As for your writing, I am so drawn to the fact that you are a writer. I always feel so lucky when I see a comment from you. It's like a celebrity has come knocking on my door. So thank you for that.
    Good luck with your hubby and the current stress in your life. Will you hate me if I say: this too shall pass?...

  3. My dear mother has had shingles -- Twice! And some other friends of mine as well. It is very unpleasant and I really feel for your husband. All I can remember about it is that it is usually caused by stress and you have to have had chicken pox... When I see my mother later today I will ask her about her treatment.

  4. I had shingles about four years ago. In the middle of August in 90 degree weather. I used Lidoderm (Lidocaine) patches prescribed by the doctor which helped. I was more bothered by the pain than the itching. I did take baths about twice a day in Aveeno for irritated skin. Once they started to dry, I would soak a soft washcloth in calamine lotion and swab the effected area. That loosened all the dead skin, kind of like exfoliating your face. I remember getting a lot of relief from that--priobably the most effective thing I tried. The doc also prescribed Lyrica for the pain, but I only took it a short time. I found Advil worked just as well. I have some of the patches left over. I will bring them tomorrow. Please tell Ray I sincerely feel his pain!

  5. Thanks for all the comments. Jill, we'll have the iced tea ready. Drive safe.
    Appreciate all the comments and thanks Sandra for giving me a big head.
    Pam, I look forward to seeing you and appreciate the patches.
    Blessings all.

  6. Barb, hang in there. Looking forward to the meeting on MOnday. Life away from chaos (if only for a few hours) does wonders for a battered spirit. Love ya.

  7. So sorry for your husband has shingles. I know quite a few people that have had them and they can get very painful. These people had to take a lot of pain medication. Hope things get better for you and I also feel like A celebrity has visited me!

  8. Sending prayers for healing and some smoothing of your life. We haven't had shingles and are so grateful for that. I'm really sorry.

  9. That's all I know is that it can be very painful and take a long time to heal. (Sorry). Shingles is actually part of the chicken pox virus and lives in the spinal chord. Who knew, right? Hope your husband makes a speedy recovery, and you take it easy too!

  10. I'm so sorry about all the stress you are experiencing. Shingles can be very painful. My father had them about six months before he died. His were very painful. We used topical types of medicine such as caladryl lotion although I think that this lotion can also be somewhat drying. Another thing that might help is Sarna lotion. (Your doctor will know if these are appropriate.) Rest is very important.

    My mother also had shingles a few years ago, but once she broke out, she was ok. She had a mild case. I think taking medicine early on is supposed to help. Take care.

  11. I work in a nursing home and a few of my residents have had shingles. I know it's very unpleasant, but it doesn't take too long to get better with treatment, and patience. One thing I remember, we follow infection control precautions as shingles is considered contagious. We do a lot of hand washing, etc.


  12. My husband had shingles quite a few years ago. They didn't have much treatment for them then. I think he found a doctor that gave him vitamin B12 shots. He says the treatment for shingles now and when he had them is like night and day, though. I know they were very, very painful. Hope you husband is feeling better now.

  13. Thanks to all for the comments. I believe they are beginning to head. He's been on meds several days. Calamine has helped them dry up.
    Not a fun thing to have. Hope I don't get them.
    Blessings to all. Stay Shingle FREE.

  14. A stressful time. Shingles can be painful. I hope all works out well for you both.

  15. My m-i-l used capsaicin cream -- I don't know much about it, but it helped her. Maybe you could research it on-line and find out about it.

    I'm glad you had a writer's meeting. Sarah loves her writers meeting -- it's one of the main highlights for her to hang around with other writers.

  16. I believe we're on the tail end at this point. The rx must be wonderful. It's drying up and the calamine seems to be assisting.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    I think we averted a real painful virus by getting something quickly to interrupt the cycle. My mom had it and it was awful.
    Kate, I think we have capsasin and if we need to we'll try it next. Hope this is almost it!
    WE had a great meeting yesterday. If nothing else it affirms yourself to you. Does that make sense. Oh well. It's late!
    Off here to bed.
    I would love to be in a writers meeting with both you and Sarah. How awesome.

  17. My father had them on his head-- it wasn't very good and hurt so I am so sorry for your husband. My neighbor had them too--aren't they related to chicken pox?

  18. So sorry to hear about all the things happening in your life...and then shingles for hubby..that's just not right. I've never had them, but I understand they are very painful. I can see by all the comments that others say the same thing and have some advice. I just hope it's over soon and everyone will be better soon!

  19. Shingles medicine DOES work. Thank God.
    He had three or four patches and it stopped there when he started meds. Then the places dried up. They are not gone but look so much better and he's feeling better as well.
    Thanks to all who asked about him and made suggestions. The thing that helped him most was the calamine put on the rash. Helped stop the itching and made it dry.
    Again thanks all.

  20. My grandmother had them what seemed like forever. So glad that you caught them early.

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