Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan

HELP! Amy Tan's book Saving Fish from Drowning was recommended by two friends, Pam and Cheri.

I love what the story is about but I'm getting bogged down in so much detail in the beginning. What's that about? I suspect it's me and my hyperactive self having trouble settling down!

I want to know more about the story and what happens to these tourists who disappear in a foreign land.

But I've found myself skipping through some of the narrative and moving on to the more exciting parts.

Did you read this book? Did you have any trouble moving through the story? I'm leaving it on the end table and attempting a few pages every night. I find myself continually flipping over a few pages to see how long some of the details are.

IF you did read this, help me out here. Does it speed up in the middle. I enjoy Amy's beautiful writing and don't want to give up on this like I do some of the others.

I want to finish and I plan to continue to keep it close at hand.

But I'd love to have your opinion of this book and any other comments.

Blessings, Barb


  1. Sorry, Barb. I haven't read the book. I don't know that it's ever a good sign when the reader skims over a boring part to get to the good stuff.
    As for me, I just finished "Water for Elephants." Karin Fuller's recommend. Did you read that?

  2. My book group is reading this later in the spring. I have not read it yet.No it's not your hyperactive self, rest assured...I am not a fan of detail overload either..I like clean, sparse/spare prose with detail that enriches the story not that puts me to sleep....course I am pretty And if a book is really compelling the detail enriches it...good to get this preview! Thanks!

  3. Haven't read this one either, but now I'm curious! So if you finish give us the dish on how it goes...not the ending of course!

  4. Sorry, have never read it, now, I probably will not try.

  5. I find that best-selling authors can write the book of their heart with narrative and not be shunned for it. I also, tend to skip over these parts.

  6. This is Pam, one who recommended the book! I had trouble putting the book down. It is one of the most creative stories I'v ever read. And, as with every novel, there is an end resolution, several as a matter of fact. I'm afraid that if you are skipping around, your going to miss some things that will help you in the end, like when the situation is turned into a reality tv show. There are parallel stories about each character. My favorite is the mature British man who has a tv show on the BBC about dogs.(striking resemblance to Barbara Woodhouse's No Bad Dogs on PBS several years ago) Best not to read it at all, if you are going to skip around. It's a really humorous story and the humor is contemporary. I've read everything Amy Tan has written, and I think this one is her best! Whatever that's worth.

  7. Sometimes it's better to listen to a book on a CD. Try to get it from the local library. Or if you have a card from the library, try to hook up to their virtual library. You might be able to download it on your MP3 or iPOD players.

    I haven't read this book. I struggled through "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" for my book group, and it turned out to be very interesting, but not the usual kind of book that I read.

  8. Pam
    Now I have to get back to it from page 1, or as Pat said listen to it on cd. IT's got some compelling characters. I just got bogged down in a few places and didn't care enough to continue.

    It may not be the time for me to read it.

    I've had books I couldn't get into and then picked them up later and loved them.

    So I'll figure out what I'm going to do.
    Loved all the comments. Please Gail do not let me deter you from reading this. So many love it.
    Blessings, Barb

  9. I have not read that book by her, but I have read "The Joy Luck Club" and loved it.
    Here's is my advice: read the last page. If you like what you read, stick it out. If not, start a new book! How was that? :)
    By the way, thank you so much for your kind words over at my blog. I really needed that. Everybody has been so encouraging.

  10. Sorry,Barb, I haven't read it either.


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