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Grandma's Rocking Chair...

Grandma’s Rocking Chair
by: B.W.

Grandma’s rocking chair -
passed on to our daughter -
headed for Wisconsin
loaded in a U Haul, nestled
between an antique secretary,
and a refinished dresser -
mirror long gone.

Our three year old triplet
grandchildren, faces pressed
to the window of the van,
wave good bye to me and grandpa
in the driveway, their tears
breaking our hearts.

Our daughter, Jill,
heavy with the child of her new husband,
hums to the children
And soon they are fast asleep.

The rocking will start
while baby is in the womb,
this new grandson of ours,
whose name before
he's even born, is Austin Cole.
He will learn from his mother
How rocking soothes the soul.
Nourishes the spirit.
Links us one to the other
And to generations past and future.
just as we were linked
as children forming the circle
for ring around the rosey.

-the end-
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  1. I can picture this so well!! What a wonderful legacy to pass on:)

  2. Love the poem. When I was pregnant with my first child, we bought a rocking chair. I cannot count the hours that rocker and I have spent together with each of my three children. It sits behind me as I type, a reminder of those many memories and those many late night get togethers.

  3. How beautiful...and sad! I imagine how you felt with them moving away!

    When we went to full-timing in our 5th wheel, we got rid of the majority of our furniture, and stored only the things that I refused to part with - my rocking chair being one of them. I rocked my babies in that chair and it was not being sold at a garage sale!

    To answer your question on my post of "Things in a Row", we are staying in Mesa, AZ for the winter months. It's our "home away from home", as we are here for 5 months. We are familiar with the grocery stores, restaurants, and even get a library card! Yahoo! We have several friends that we've met here and do fun things as a group.

  4. I love this.... It brings back a flood of memories each time I read it. Love you!! Thank you for the wonderful rocking chair & for this poem...

  5. Just love your poem. My rocking chair--the one that Peter and I bought second hand before our son was born--now sits in our daughter's home. It has traveled from Massachusetts to Ohio to Florida to Delaware to Texas and now New Jersey. I never see it or rock in it without thinking of my babies and the sweetness of nursing them. What beautiful memories to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  6. What a beautiful poem. So much feeling. A wonderful metaphor for what stays when everything else changes.


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