Small Steady Steps plus Hungry Update

This post is about small steady steps and how going at writing in this way leads to success, in my opinion. Success being totally subjective and having different meaning for all of us in regards to our writing endeavors and how successful we want to be or even think we are.

I've never thought much about the process of writing or of how I pick and choose when and how and what I write. I just know I do something each day toward writing. One small step. And it's satisfying.

Whether it's journaling, blogging, reading - a huge piece of writing well, or working on an essay or a piece of fiction - somehow I am attending to the side of my self that needs to create with words. Small, steady steps.

My first story to get published was one of the first I wrote. That lead me to believe that getting published was easy. All I had to do was jot off an essay that was mildly interesting with a dash of humor, Erma Bombeck style - give it a nice beginning, a good strong middle and an ending that satisfied - at least myself. I had a run of several months of publication of my essays, for pay, with the Cleveland Plain Dealer back when they took slice of life pieces and paid for them. And then like that, it was over. The editor that liked my style retired.

Last spring the essay that I wrote on health care ran in two large newspapers and I was paid for neither. The success of that piece came because I said something that I needed to say about our health insurance concerns. And that to me was very satisfying.

Most of us are not in this to get wealthy. It happens but not frequently. We're in it because we can't do anything else. Most of us, anyway.

Since those early days it's been hit and miss and I have to admit I've loved every second of this ride. Not especially those months of hammering out a piece of fiction that simply wouldn't work or wouldn't work at that particular time.

And I have a fair share of stories that have been stopped mid way. Either because of a short coming on my part or that of the story itself. I could go back and moan and groan over the work that I didn't finish. (and I have to admit - I've done this at great length over the years.) OR, I can move forward and feel good that I learned something from each project and can take that information with me into my new story.

Thus said, I'm ready to start afresh on KILL ME OR DRIVE ME TO FLORIDA with Frank and Daisy and Lily. I look forward to getting re acquainted. I believe I left them stranded at the COAL MINER MOTEL in a snow storm.

NOW for a quick update: Hungry For Chocolate is now in a pdf file with a publisher in WV. It will take several months for them to review it. Wish me luck, send me your prayers and all that.

Now, let's get cracking. The day is a-wastin'



  1. Everything will be fine with your manuscript. I didn't get into this to be wealthy or switch careers. (I like what I do now.) If people enjoy my book, then that's enough!

  2. Agree, Alex. It's the best feeling in the world when someone reads your work and enjoys it. The people you created, the people you gave life. Wow.
    It's one reason I know if I don't get this thing published I've already had the accolades from those who love the story.

  3. If any of us writers write for fame and fortune we'll probably be discouraged and give it up. We write because we have to and want to. Being published is "icing on the cake".

    Hope to hear we're celebrating acceptance of your manuscript!

  4. Best of luck on your manuscript.

    I agree, we each measure success by our own means, and often it doesn't look or feel anything like what we might have thought in earlier years.

  5. Good luck - and yet getting rich writing, probably isn't very realistic, but to be able to see some success and have other read our stuff? That makes it all worth it.

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment *smiling*

    Good Luck with your manuscript - the waiting is always so difficult!


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