April 23, 2016

Ah, Spring and all her glory.

I'm enjoying the spring weather that has finally arrived in Ohio bringing blooming pear trees, red buds and tulip trees. How about you? Do you love spring as much as I do?
I spent a day on the patio, putting out the table, chairs, umbrella. I painted a white wicker plant table and have decided it's too good for the patio. I plan to use it in the bathroom instead.
Just when I thought winter would last forever, spring arrived with temperatures in the 70's. I noted buds covering my rose bush and a robin building a nest in the crevice of my chimney. I wanted to let them stay but they managed to leave so much debris at my front door that I had no choice but to shoo them away. Hopefully they've moved on to one of the many trees and bushes in my community, a more cozy place for raising babies.
When I was a kid growing up in Putnam County, WV, I was outside at the first glimpse of the sun coming through my bedroom window. I ran through our yard, down through the orchard where we had six or eight apple trees in a row, picking up green apples to eat on the way. I'd play in the creek, which mother said was too dirty to touch, but I didn't agree. The water was clear as glass. It ran quickly over my feet standing on the rocks under the water. I'd check on Nellie my black and white pig in her pen nearby. I remember one time straddling her for a photo. She was quite large and I looked small on her back. 
I'd sometimes walk up the steep hill behind our house to the cemetery where I'd read the names on nearby stones and wonder what happened to cause the demise of  Harriet Bailey or Baby Allison or Pop Asbury. I daydreamed sitting on the ground among the tombstones with the scent of honeysuckle drifting around me.
I miss the days of helping mother spring clean. Mostly I complained at having to wash the baseboards because I'd encounter a spider or two and lots of dust - from months without doors or windows open.
Mother took spring cleaning to heart. She took beds apart and we had to clean the bed frames and slats. A senseless chore, it seemed to me, and one I never do.
I miss those leisure days of summer that stretched out before me as unfettered and carefree as the butterflies that pass through my flower garden. 
As I ponder the days ahead, I plan to spend more time in the great outdoors, soaking up sunshine - it's the best medicine in the world. 
Perhaps I'll even venture back to that little creek and the hillside cemetery and visit my old friends.

What do you like best about spring and summer?
Or do you live in a climate that is warm year round? I welcome your comments. 
Have a great spring whatever weather you are experiencing. We can always find something to like about each season.