May 10, 2014

Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam $1.99...

My new story (fiction) is available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook for $1.99. Dear Anne will probably never be in book form as it's too short to stand alone. However, the love letters are part of a novel, and I decided to make the letters into a short story. Thus, Dear Anne was born.  The larger work is still on the back burner, waiting to have more scenes written.

Dear Anne has had some positive reviews so far and I'm delighted with the reception it's getting. It's a romance and set during the heat of the Vietnam War.

I hope if you have time to read the love story about newlyweds Anne in WV and Rob in Vietnam, you'll leave a review on Amazon. Reviews help in so many ways. Not only do they help get a story noticed but it helps the author's other books get recognition as well. My goal is to move up in the ranks and have more and more readers. I don't care if the readers are from free books or Amazon sales. A writer wants his or her work read and appreciated, free or otherwise.

On a personal note, I'm taking one step forward and two back as I move along without my husband.
His loss in November has changed all areas of my life. I'm in new territory every single day. A new challenge arises. A new adventure comes along. Or I face an occasional bump in the road and have to deal with it. Alone.

I've bought a car without him, made out a new budget, changed some decorations in the house and rearranged furniture. I've added a new piece here or there. Small changes. The house feels different. I suppose to go with the different person I am becoming. Not sure I am comfortable with this new person. But I have no choice. The changes that have come uninvited have made me different. I'm the same but different if that makes sense.

There are many pros in my life right now. I've had lots of time with family and friends and my writing is beginning to bubble on that back burner. Projects are beginning to call my name.

Chores I've let go for months are now getting done. I have energy again. I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

How about you? Have you had changes in your life lately? Are you ready as our spring rapidly turns to summer?

Do have a lovely Mother's Day! Be kind! Courteous! AND hug someone today.

May God bless your life richly as He has mine. Comment and let me know what's new with you.
Hugs, Barb

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