July 19, 2012


I had such high aspirations for June. I was going to visit with Jill and her family while they were here.

I was going to soak up some sunshine as it had been a depressing dreary winter here in Ohio.

I was going to get a real sun tan. None of that bottle stuff for me!

I was going to get my next book, a book of short stories titled EZRA AND OTHER STORIES, copyrighted and formatted for Kindle. My grandson Daniel has agreed to convert it from text to 
 epub form.

I planned to get back on track after health issues had been somewhat resolved. My pancreas block was a success.

I was going to sell paperbacks at several venues and do some book signings.

I decided June was the month to get it all together since Ray's back surgery had taken up the months of March, April, and May. He ended up having two surgeries and a wound pump that seemed to be on forever. I can report that the wound is 98% healed and we are two happy people. He had the wound and I had to wear a nursing cap.UGH.

So today I stare at the calendar and see it is mid July. What have I accomplished?

The house isn't in order as I'd thought it would be. And I've had time to put it in order but just haven't.

I'm sleeping more than I should. Am I tired?  Depressed? Lazy?  I feel sluggiesh and out of sorts? Is there a name for that? Is it some disorder? Can I blame it on the dog days of summer?

We've been inundated with appointments and most of them mean driving 45 miles into town to see a specialist. When did we make the transition from plain old doctors to a specialist for everything?
AND they are all located downtown!!!

We've had dental exams, eye exams, hair cuts, Not realizing that a blood pressure med was making me dizzy the doctor recently ordered a series of tests including an MRI and x rays - only to discover that the new pill I was on was causing all the lightheadedness, and nausea. An expensive learning experience.

I don't recall ever going to the doctor when I was young. If we had a problem mother had a salve for it. If we were sick we stayed in bed until the fever broke or the rash was gone. She wrapped warm towels around my head when I had an ear ache. She was a walking pharmacy. All her remedies seemed to work too. Now it seems we get a tickle in our throats and we're off  to see some specialist or other. (I think the problem here may be me!)

We have another appointment today. This time it's a bit closer to home. R has a prosthesis leg, in case I haven't mentioned that before. Of course it needs to be adjusted every whip stitch. So today is the day. The leg is wanting to turn in instead of head straight ahead. Which is not a good idea when a guy already has back problems and needs a good steady leg to stand on. The amputation has caused him to have back issues all these years. But on we go.

So my plans for today are to get that appointment behind us and get R walking straight ahead for a while. To go online and get my book copyrighted. To address the immediate needs of our household. Cleaning and vacuuming. That may take a few days. Usually I can talk Sam, our 20 year old grand daughter to come and vacuum but she's getting packed for her family trip to Germany next week. I still may call her and see if I can cajole her into coming to the rescue! She's a good vacuumer and even moves furniture which I do not do.

I'm going to gift some of my books to local libraries in the hopes that I can do some book signings there when they have an event.

And I'm going to take a nap when we come home today.

I need to add here that we had a death in the family on July 4th. I can't speak of it yet. The pain is too much. Perhaps some day.

What are you into this month??? Please tell me that somewhere in this world life is moving on in even measures. That people are vacationing and having fun in the sun.

Here in drought ridden Ohio I look out at my brown grass and withered flowers and dream of green fields, flower filled meadows, and a gentle mist of rain falling on it all.

Blessings to you and yours.