February 14, 2012

KINDLE, editing OUT the mistakes...

Jeez! When I sent my manuscript to the production company, I thought I'd ferreted out ALL the mistakes. NOT SO.

When I received the Kindle copy, and started line editing, I found mistake after mistake. Costly mistakes now that I'm paying for each mistake after
five - the first five mistakes being free with the cost of the production.

I've learned so much during this edit. First, I've learned how to line edit more carefully. I've learned not to be in such a hurry to publish that I don't take time to delete all the bloopers.

I'm learning NOT to use so many BUTS AND ANDS to begin sentences. I didn't realize I used them with abandon.

I'm learning to omit some of the colloquialisms.

I'm just learning learning learning. Darn. I thought I knew so much and now I'm learning after all these years that I don't know much about writing AT ALL.

Here's to a cleaner manuscript next time around.

Here's to bringing all I've learned to the table the next time around.

Here's to a brighter publishing future for all of us who write.

And a better reading future to those of us who read.

And to less mistakes on those books on Kindle.

I hate mistakes.

Blessings on your life today.

And please if you have anything to add about editing, please give me a comment.

Do you buy Amazon books for Kindle? Are you pleased with what you've bought?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

February 9, 2012

Production of ebook for Kindle...

I'm so excited! The proof copy of Vada Faith arrived via email today. It looks great. Now, I need to look at each page and check for typos and mistakes.

Another week or so and I'll have it ready for Amazon Kindle.

It's been a long ride for Vada Faith and I. However, she's going to go to work for me soon and I will move  on to other book projects waiting in the wings.

This has been an eye opening experience, from getting my copyright, to an employee id number to working with the producers to get this book ready to put into ebook form.

Now, I have to get Vada Faith into paperback format, which means more editing and saving it into pdf file for the publisher.

At this point I plan to go with Amazon Create Space unless things change.

Thanks for following the path of my friend, Vada Faith.

In another year or less I'll have a sequel to those who like her story. It's titled SWEET BABY JAMES, about a kidnapping in Shady Creek, West Virginia. Of course since I couldn't write a scary novel the kidnapper is a sad rattled little lady named Birdie. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by.

More news soon.
Blessings, Barb